Dogs, drugs, and making out with yourself: inside Out Of Love's trippy new video

A portrait of out of love
(Image credit: Venn Records)

On Valentine’s Day this year, London brat-punks Out Of Love released their first ever single, S.L.U.M.P. It took off in a big way: they got played on BBC Radio 1, signed to Venn Records and were quickly booked for their first ever shows. 

Out Of Love’s miserable slacker punk music soon found a home in the UK underground scene and they released their first EP I Am Not Me in July. Today the band are premiering the video for the fourth and final single, All Grown Up – both their best track yet and an exciting look at where they’re planning to go next. 

Describing the story behind the song, vocalist Jack Rogers says: “I remember being at a house party and looking around the room at the people I’d known for years. Everyone was telling the same stories I’d heard a thousand times. No one had done anything, they were working jobs they didn’t like and pretending they loved.”

He recounts these feelings with sneer on All Grown Up, embodying a massive Green Day influence paired with three-chord guitar lines and sub-90 second run time. The song takes Billie Joe Armstrong’s teenage wasteland lyrics and adapts them to the mid-20s, embodying the melody of Milk Teeth and attitude of Gnarwolves. 

In the spirit of their Brit-punk compatriots, Out Of Love have set out to make their single as antagonistic as possible with a trippy music video, “It’s so fucked up and weird,” says Jack of his psychedelic brainchild – which includes dogs, drugs, talking laptops and him making out with himself. 

Establishing a band during the pandemic is tricky, made harder with music like this that would thrive in the live environment; but for Out Of Love, as long as they’re having fun they’ll be happy, “I can’t express more the amount of non-planning this band had, we literally just wrote songs and wanted to put them out,” notes Jack, “Everything we’ve been offered we’ve accepted and that’s going to be the main rule. Set the bar low and don't aim for anything then you’re always gonna be happy!” 

Out Of Love released their first EP I Am Not Me on Venn Records earlier this year.