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Devin trails Ziltoid live DVD

Devin Townsend has launched a trailer for his upcoming live release.

Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall was filmed in April this year and features guests Jean Savole, Chris Jericho and Dominique Lenore Persi, along with 12 actors and singers and narration from Bill Courage.

Townsend said: “To make artistic expression rooted in creativity, and to articulate it in these ways, at this sort of venue, was pretty awesome.

“The whole thing was quite a challenge – but ultimately it worked and we were all very satisfied with it. I think if you enjoy what I do, you’ll really dig it.”

The live package will be released on November 13 via InsideOut as a 44-page art book with three CDs, two DVDs and a Blu-ray disc, as a 3CD/DVD digipak and as a single Blu-ray disc. The set features behind-the-scenes footage and a documentary.

It’s out on November 13 and is available for pre-order.

Earlier this year, Townsend revealed his next project would be a symphony as he wanted to move away from his Ziltoid alien creation.

Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall tracklist

  1. Z2
  2. From Sleep Awake
  3. Ziltoidian Empire
  4. War Princess
  5. Deathray
  6. March Of The Poozers
  7. Wandering Eye
  8. Earth
  9. Ziltoid Goes Home
  10. Through The Wormhole
  11. Dimension Z
  12. Namaste
  13. Night
  14. Deadhead
  15. Earth Day
  16. Christeen
  17. Supercrush!
  18. Kingdom
  19. Lucky Animals
  20. Heartwave
  21. Funeral
  22. Bastard
  23. The Death Of Music
  24. Universal Flame

Devin Townsend, live at the Royal Albert Hall

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