David Prowse makes his final on-screen appearance in music video for Jayce Lewis

David Prowse

Jayce Lewis is premiering his new video for Shields exclusively with TeamRock.

The song is taken from his upcoming album, due for release on October 27.

Shields was a bit of an experiment, but sonically turned out so well,” Jayce tells TeamRock. “It seems to have carved the sound for the whole album.”

The video stars Metal Hammer Golden God winner David Prowse (aka Darth Vader) in his final ever on-screen role.

“Working alongside Dave in the video was the ultimate magic,” says Jayce. “He just took lead of his role while everyone else watched on, I think the crew and other cast were in awe of working alongside Darth Vader.”

“Me and Jayce have been planning to work together in a music video for years,” Prowse tells Metal Hammer, “and finally he did one that I made sense for me.

“I won’t be doing anymore on screen work after this, so I guess it makes this video a little something extra for the fans. I’m in long admiration of Jayce and his work, we make a good team. May the force be with us!”

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