Coldbones Premiere New Video For Lost


South-East England post rockers Coldbones have premiered the promo video for their new song Lost with Prog.

Lost is one of the few tracks on this album which isn’t open to multiple meanings and interpretations,” the band tell us. “For us, it’s the first sign of sadness on the album. To feel love and to experience loss. We wanted to illustrate a particular individual feeling out of touch with themselves and their surrounding environments. Whether it’s normal or abnormal, everyone has or will someday experience the feeling of being alone, scared and Lost. We really wanted to try and paint a mental picture of someone desperately trying to convince themselves that this is all a dream. Unfortunately, this is not the case.”

Combining elements of prog, shoegaze, metal and atmospheric soundtracks, the band’s forthcoming album Where It All Began presents a fresh and engaging take on post rock. Intelligent arrangements and atmospheric layers are plentiful and there are many curve-balls to shock and surprise, masterfully woven into the album’s eight tracks.

Where It All Began will be released through Crooked Noise Records on April 6.