Baron Crane share new video for Quarantine – watch it here!

Baron Crane laughing against the Paris skyline
(Image credit: Emilie Mauger)

Paris-based heavy proggers Baron Crâne  present a hectic new video for their riff-laden song Quarantine, which features stoner rock vocalist Cyril Bodin. Their new album Les Beaux Jours is out now via Mrs Red Sound and Commotions.

Quarantine describes a kind of rock'n'roll highway to hell, with Bodin's powerful vocals propelling the track to a heavy rock dimension. They fit perfectly with the video's underground location – it was shot inside the Parisian rock venue Le Bus Palladium by Sébatien Bepoix, Faits Divers and follows on from their previous single, Larry's Journey.

The French trio's new album Les Beaux Jours pays tribute to the jazz-rock scene by inviting saxophonist Guillaume Perret to play on Mercury and flutist Robby Marshall on Merinos. The heavy rock sound is provided by Simon Lemonnier – from stoner band Patrón – who plays additional drums on Danjouer.

Say the band, "Composed largely during the lockdown, Les Beaux Jours is an album marked by our need for vibrations, otherness and freedom. We took advantage of this long suspended period. It's a less urgent and more mature album than the previous ones – we wanted each piece to serve emotion, sensation or spirituality. We keep on exploring other shapes, building bridges between different music genres, deepening our uniqueness and trying to include our refusal to please everybody."

 Baron Crâne formed in 2014 and Les Beaux Jours is their fourth studio album, following on from 2020's Commotions. It was recorded and mixed by Guillaume Roess at La Capsule, Paris and Le Plan, Ris-Orangis (France). It's mastered by Camille Gateau at DK Mastering and includes artwork by Nora Simon.

Baron Crane

(Image credit: Mrs Red Sound Records)