Alex Lifeson plays on dance version of Rush classic

Alex Lifeson
Dance move: Alex Lifeson (Image credit: Getty)

Alex Lifeson has collaborated with Canadian dance music duo DVBBS on a cover of classic Rush track Closer To The Heart, it’s been revealed.

The EDM version is set for release early next year and follows Lifeson’s guest appearance with former Triumph man Rik Emmett.

DVBBS consists of brothers Chris and Alex Van Den Hoef, whose appreciation for Rush is well-known.

Alex says: “They’re the greatest Canadian band of all time. When we were given the chance to remake a song with Alex, you can imagine how excited we were. We can’t wait to bridge the gap between generations.”

Chris adds: “I grew up a drummer, so Neil Peart was a legend to me, and a strong influence on my career.”

Rush appear to have accepted their touring career is over after Peart’s unconfirmed retirement. Lifeson recently discussed his work with other artists, joking that he was playing with “old guys like me that don’t have gigs any more.”

But frontman Geddy Lee said he wasn’t ready to accept the approaches he’s received from others while he grappled with the thought that their R40 tour had been their last.

And while the pair have discussed the possibility of writing more music together, it hasn’t happened yet. Lee describes Peart’s response to recent communications as “not as enthusiastic.”

Closer To The Heart became Rush’s first UK hit single on release in 1978, taken from the previous year’s album A Farewell To Kings. It remained a staple on the band’s live set.

R40 Concert movie Time Stand Still was screened in cinemas last week and is released on DVD on November 18. A 40th anniversary edition of classic album 2112 arrives next month. The band will receive another humanitarian award in April.

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