Aisles launch cover of Rush's Red Sector A

(Image credit: Aisles)

Chilean prog sextet Aisles have released their cover of Rush's 1984 track Red Sector A

The song originally featured on Rush's 1984 album Grace Under Pressure, a tale of a person in an unnamed prison camp, and was partly inspired by Geddy Lee's own mother's own stories of surviving the Holocaust.

Aisles originally released the video during lockdown, stating: "We chose this song because we thought that our current global situation, involving the pandemic, violence and intolerance between different world views, is reflected perfectly on the apocalyptic sensation of Red Sector A. Also, it's a brilliant song from an under appreciated era of Rush, the mid and late 80s."

The band add: "Although we recorded this cover of Red Sector A during the pandemic, we had not released it on streaming services thus far. Some of you had asked for it so it's now finally available on your favourite platforms."

Aisles originally announced they would release their latest album, Beyond Drama, back in late 2021, but thus far it has not appeared. The band have released four singles throughout 2021 purported to be from the album, Fast, Disobedience, Megalomania and Thanks To Kafka.

Aisles are currently offering a 10% discount on anything from their online store store using the code AISLES2023. You can access the store here.

Jerry Ewing

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