69 Windmills premiere debut video for UFO John with Prog

69 Windmills

69 Windmills have premiered the video for their new single, the supremely psychedelic UFO John, with Prog. You can watch the video below, and the track is featured on the cover CD of the new issue of Prog, which is on sale this Wednesday.

"It all started in a hotel room, dropping acid, drinking opium tea and decking cans of Stella. Sad to say, its an archetypal rock ‘n’roll cliché, but that’s where the heritage of UFO JOHN lies," Ed Gilmour, the brains behind 69 Windmills tells Prog of the new song. "Shaped in a farmhouse in the French countryside on an intake of Barrett, Allen, Gabriel and The Creation it took 6 weeks to get from A to B. It’s a special moment for me, although it doesn’t tell my whole back story, it charts the movement going forwards. It’s a journey, nothing more, but it’s an honest journey. It’s quintessentially English and it opens the door for anyone that wants to stare at 69 windmills. UFO John is alive and well in all of us!"

Gilmour was originally the guitarist with 90s guitar rock band The Wishplants. The band released two albums, Coma in 1995 and Daddy Long Legs. The band released a third album, Not In Front Of The Children in 2016.

Jerry Ewing

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