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When Wakrat's #generationfucked hit Parliament

A photo of Tim Commerford and Wakrat outside the Houses of Parliament with signs and placards

There’s a lot to be angry about in 2016: Brexit, Donald Trump, Pokémon Go’s servers crashing… the world appears to be well and truly screwed. Or at least that’s what Rage Against The Machine and Wakrat founding member Tim Commerford thinks. Driving a bunch of his friends and family around Central London in a double decker bus plastered with #GenerationFucked, Tim led the rabble to Parliament Square to protest the situation this generation has found itself in.

With signs and banners in hand, the mob circled Parliament Square before settling on the green with Tim declaring that the Republic Of Wakrat has claimed London. Swiftly, security moved in and the protest was told to pack up and move on, despite Tim’s repeated claims that “We’re fucked.” The movement was filmed for Wakrat’s upcoming Generation Fucked video. Keep your eyes peeled.

You can see more from the protest at our full gallery here.

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