Record Store Day Black Friday - 20 Items To Look Out For

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(Image: © Waring Abbott \/ Getty Images)

OK, so the big media hype may be focused on the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic release, but there are plenty more tempting releases at the rockier end of the musical spectrum ready to be snapped up at this year’s Black Friday Record Store Day. Black Friday is, of course, the start of a big pre-Christmas sales day across the pond (it’s the day after Thanksgiving over there) and like the regular Record Store Day in April, we’ve eagerly imported it.

Greg Dulli’s rock’n’soul heavyweights celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of their finest albums by adding a bonus disc of demos on a second or third disc, depending on your format of choice.

Alice Cooper - Live From The Astroturf (7” single)

These two live tracks were recorded by the reunited surviving members of Alice’s original group at a book signing last year. Different coloured vinyl options, art prints and 100 signed editions – what more do you want?

Anthrax - A Monster At The End (7” single)

This single features the title track and also Vice of the People, which was only previously available on the Japanese editions of their recent album For All Kings.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Got a Mind to Give Up Living (2LP)

A live double featuring a recording from a Boston coffee house in 1966 that captures Chicago’s finest R’n’B boomers at the peak of their powers. The CD came out in June but this is the first vinyl incarnation.

This live performance of two tracks from the Blues guitar ace’s second album was first heard on Cameron Crowe’s Showtime comedy series Roadies.

The Swedish psych-rockers were hired to compose a soundtrack to a re-release of the 1926 silent animated film The Adventures of Prince Achmed. Haxan is the head-spinning result.

Bob Dylan – the Real Albert Hall 1966 Concert (2LP)

Recordings of Dylan’s infamous, heckled half-electric performance in Manchester were for years wrongly called ‘The Royal Albert Hall Concert’. Now, finally, the real RAH concert from that tour is finally out on double vinyl. ‘Judas’ be praised!

Extreme – Pornograffiti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown (2LP)

When Pornograffiti was first released in 1990, coloured discs were so 1980s. So thank the fickle gods of fashion that the trend has now returned in time to host the live rendition of the LP on double red vinyl.

Written by Mick Jones for 1998 comedy flick Still Crazy, and originally sung by Jimmy Nail, this Novello Award-winning tune has been re-recorded by Jones’ regular cohorts to celebrate their 40th Anniversary.

Jimi Hendrix – Morning Symphony Ideas

A translucent yellow, three-track 10” version of the three most substantial 1969 recordings found on the 2000 CD release of the same name. But look! Translucent! Yellow! Far out, man!

Jerry Garcia – Reflections (LP)

Translucent yellow too pedestrian? How about individually numbered purple tie-dye? The Grateful Dead frontman’s third solo album, originally released in 1976, gets a 40th anniversary makeover.

The Kinks – The Kinks, Til Death Do Us Part, God’s Children (7” EPs)

Fans of the Davies brothers are well-served by a trio of re-issued vinyl EPs originally recorded in 1967, 1968 and 1971 respectively. Since you ask, the self-titled EP has David Watts as lead track.

Timothy Leary – The Psychedelic Experience (LP)

LSD’s evangelist-in-chief and his fellow acid king Richard Alpert talk trips in 1966, now reissued on ‘magenta splatter’ vinyl. Turn on, tune in… and maybe have a nice cup of tea?

Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart / Home Sweet Home (7” single)

Never ones to miss a marketing opportunity, the Crue plaster their logo over a die-cut picture disc housing a reissue of two the band’s best-loved bangers.

Prophets Of Rage – The Party’s Over (12”)

The RATM/Public Enemy supergroup’s debut EP is final(ly) on black vinyl, as frontman Chuck D might have put it, and the five tracks include a live rendition of Killing In The Name.

Ramones – Live At The Roxy 8/12/76 (LP)

A 180g LP that collects a short, sharp, 16-track selection of the long-circulated bootleg of the Ramones’ frenetic LA shows from the summer before punk exploded.

The Stones’ new single promises a ‘return to our roots’, by which they evidently mean covering old blues numbers such as this Eddie Taylor boogie. Electric blue vinyl is a rather more recent invention, however.

Venom – Black Metal (LP picture disc)

The Geordie thrash pioneers’ second album is reissued, without the extra tracks you’d find on the deluxe CD editions, but on a picture disc featuring the classic Cronos-penned cover art.

With Badmotorfinger having just celebrated its 25th anniversary, the album’s limited edition bonus disc EP is now out on vinyl in its own right. The title’s a palindrome!

The Mothers of invention – How Could I Be Such a Fool/Help I’m A Rock Third Movement: It Can’t Happen Here (7” single)

A coloured vinyl release of two tracks (OK, so the latter is part of a ‘suite’ on the album) from Zappa and friends’ debut release, 50 years after it first dropped.

Black Friday: £5 for 3 issues of Metal Hammer or Classic Rock