Find the perfect Christmas jumper with EMP this Black Friday

EMP Christmas Jumpers
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It's getting to that time of the year again, where the workplace starts gearing up for a Winter shutdown and someone conspiratorially leans and suggests the two dreaded words: "Christmas Jumpers".

Thankfully, online retailer EMP have gone to some lengths to prove that your Christmas warm-wear needn't be some gaudy woolen tat (opens in new tab), but instead a statement about your favourite bands, brands and everything in between. With up to 50% off on selected brands this Black Friday (opens in new tab), why not treat yourself to a Christmas jumper you might just break out all year long? 

EMP's Black Friday Sale: Up to 50% off (opens in new tab)

EMP's Black Friday Sale: Up to 50% off (opens in new tab)
Looking to stay warm this winter and look snazzy while you're at it? EMP have you covered with up to 50% off a range of bands, brands and exclusive items ranging from Christmas jumpers to bathrobes, leather jackets and beyond.

There's plenty to choose from with EMP's vast range of bands and brands covering everything from TV and film to heavy metal, rock'n'roll and beyond. Declare your allegiance in the age old Megadeth (opens in new tab) vs Metallica debate (or chuck it all out and stump for fellow Big Four alumni Slayer (opens in new tab)), or draw a line in the sand for Sci-Fi's biggest rivalry by sporting a nifty Star Trek design (opens in new tab) featuring Picard or vice-versa, deck yourself out in a Mandalorian jumper (opens in new tab) to show you know The Way, or just profess your undying love for classic franchises like Batman (opens in new tab) or Nightmare Before Christmas (opens in new tab) 

Whether you love Guns N' Roses (opens in new tab) or Slipknot (opens in new tab), Black Sabbath (opens in new tab) or Rammstein (opens in new tab), or or just want a Christmas jumper louder than everything else with Motörhead's iconic snaggletooth in snazzy woolen form (opens in new tab), EMP can offer the lot, offering Christmas jumpers for every shade of rock and metal fan to share their exquisite tastes with the world. 

Even the biggest Scrooge among us is likely to find something; the Ghostbusters (opens in new tab) jumper could easily double up as a tactical warm-wear option for Halloween, while EMP's Nightmare On Elm Street Christmas jumper (opens in new tab) is all about embracing an entirely different kind of Santa claws.

 And if you think gaudy, ugly designs are the whole point of Christmas jumpers, EMP still have you covered with some brilliant designs (our personal fave is "Sleigher (opens in new tab)", but we won't judge you for going for "Jesus riding a reindeer (opens in new tab)" either). With free shipping on orders over £19.99 (for the UK only), it makes sense to hit up EMP if you're looking for something to up your Christmas jumper game this holiday season. 

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