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Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: meet the hardest-rocking Funko Pops

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: meet the hardest-rocking Funko Pops
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Whatever film, TV show, game or music genre you're into, there's bound to be a Funko Pop! Vinyl figure for you. These highly sought after collectibles have infiltrated homes across the world since they were first launched in 2011, so we have some rich pickings for our best Funko Pop! Rock figures for music fans.

Funko has bestowed the vinyl treatment upon some of the world's most influential bands and artists, from Motörhead and AC/DC to KISS and Queen. Some members are obviously more popular with Funko Pop! Rocks collectors, which is why you'll see the likes of Freddie Mercury having not one but three different figures to his name. 

In addition to our list of our favourite hard-rocking pop toys below, you can pick up the original three members of Babymetal in Funko form – check 'em out in our best Babymetal merch guide.

As you'll see from our round-up of the best Funko Pop! Rocks figures below, there's a ton of choice, so let your personal music tastes guide you when kick-starting your first Funko Pop! collection – or when adding to an existing one. 

If you want to keep it strictly music, dig into the Pop! Rocks range, which is ever-growing – Rob Zombie, Marilyn Mason, Slipknot and Iggy Pop Funko Pops are expected soon. Wanna mix things up? Funko Pop! covers film, TV and gaming too, and you can pick up everything from Funko Pop Stranger Things Vinyl figures to Funko Pop Star Wars. 

The best Funko Pop! Rocks figures to buy now

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Queen and Freddie Mercury

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1. Queen and Freddie Mercury Funko Pop! Rocks

Of course we had to include Freddie in our best Funko Pop! Rocks guide. As you'll discover with the Funko Pop! Rocks Brian May, Roger Taylor and perennially ignored bassist – now immortalised with the John Deacon– they're all featured with their instruments. 

However, it will come as no surprise that inimitable frontman Freddie Mercury steals the show with three Funko Pop! Vinyl figures: Freddie Mercury at Live Aid, a topless Funko Pop! Freddie Mercury and the Queen singer in his iconic Bohemian Rhapsody catsuit.

Reason to buy: no Funko collection should exist without at least one Freddie

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Jimi Hendrix Woodstock

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2. Jimi Hendrix Funko Pop! Rocks

The guitar god was one of the first musicians to be immortalised in Funko Pop! vinyl form. There are two options to choose from, with the first, the Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock , featuring Hendrix with his red bandana and Fender Stratocaster (shown here). The second is Hendrix in an iconic pose with his flaming guitar at the Monterey International Pop Festival in June 1967.

Reason to buy: the best Funko Pop! figure for immortalising one of rock guitar's most memorable performances

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Mötley Crüe

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3. Mötley Crüe Funko Pop! Rocks

Currently enjoying another surge in popularity following the release of Netflix biopic The Dirt, thanks to Funko Pop! you can buy all four members of the Crüe donning their ludicrous Shout At The Devil-era stage gear. 

However, if you've seen or read The Dirt you'll know that even these Funko Pop! Rocks Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Mick Mars Vinyl figures should come with a health and safety warning... or at least some anti-bacterial wipes.

Reason to buy: take home the sleaziest quartet of Pop! Vinyl figures in town

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Rush

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4. Rush Funko Pop! Rocks Vinyl

Never one to do things by halves, the Canadian prog rock trio come as a Funko Pop! Rocks Rush set that will dwarf the rest of your Pop! collection. Though it'd be quite nice to see Geddy Lee sporting a double-neck Rickenbacker bass, this is still the best Funko Pop! Vinyl for any fan who thinks they've already acquired all things Rush.

Reason to buy: kick-start your collection with not one but three Funko figures

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Kiss

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5. KISS Funko Pop! Rocks Vinyl

No round-up of the best Funko Pop! Vinyl figures for music fans would be complete with KISS. And you can get all four members of the band's classic line-up, dressed in their iconic makeup and ostentatious stage gear. Unlike most other Pop! Vinyl drummers, Peter Criss even comes with a drum kit!

But as is his MO, Gene Simmons has to steal the thunder, with his figurine including that famous Demon tongue and a lit torch ready to breath fire, which (un)luckily isn't a bonus feature. 

Reason to buy: instantly iconic – even your nan will know who this Funko Pop! is

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Guns N' Roses

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6. Guns N' Roses Funko Pop! Rocks

Now reunited for a tour that has conquered the Globe and smashed records, the three most recognisable members of GNR are also reunited on the Pops! roster. Though the sunglasses-clad Duff McKagan figure is reproduced from more recent times, the Slash and Axl Rose figures, replete with omnipresent cigarette and mic stand respectively, are straight out of their late '80s/early '90s heyday. 

Though it would be nice for original members Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin to join them, we won't be holding a space in our Best Funko Pop! Vinyl list for a Buckethead figure anytime soon.

Reason to buy: reunite G'N'R on your shelf more easily than the band ever managed

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Angus Young

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7. Angus Young AC/DC Funko Pop! Rocks

The most recognisable member of Aussie rock immortals rightly has his own collectible figure in the form of the Funko Pop! Vinyl Angus Young, which shows him doing his renowned duck walk and brandishing his stunning red Gibson SG. 

Rumours of a Funko figure featuring Brian Johnson hitting a bell while simultaneously grabbing an inflatable Rosie have, er, just been made up. By us.

Reason to buy: it's the best Funko Pop! Vinyl for hitting that Highway To Hell

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Lemmy

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8. Lemmy Funko Pop! Rocks Vinyl

Given Slash has been immortalised with a cigarette in his mouth, we're surprised that the Motörhead frontman hasn't been given the same treatment, and with a bottle of Jack in hand to boot. Apart from that, this warts-and-all Lemmy Kilmister figure in his trademark uniform, complete with bass guitar, is as good a likeness as you'll get in the Funko Pop! Rocks range.

Reason to buy: a playful way to celebrate the late, great hell raiser

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Metallica

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9. Metallica Funko Pop! Rocks

While we wait for the likes of Maiden's Eddie, Slipknot and fire-breathing Rammstein figures, metalheads' go to option are the four Metallica figures. It's odd but understandable that the James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett figures are immortalised in their 1991 Black Album period, with bassist Robert Trujillo, who joined the band in 2003, wearing his characteristic basketball jersey. 

And though you can't get Jason Newstead or Cliff Burton yet, you can complete the set with the Funko Pop! Lady Justice from their ...And Justice For All album and subsequent tour where she famously fell to pieces onstage. 

Reason to buy: simply because it's the Best Funko Pop! Rocks for Metallica fans

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Blink-182

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Due to leaving the band in 2015 in order to spearhead extra-terrestrial investigations, Tom DeLonge has, for the time being, forsaken his chance to have his own Funko Pops. Former bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have no such problem, which is why they're featured in our Best Funko Pop! Rocks vinyl figures for music fans.

And Travis' ever-expanding tattoo collection means you may have to add your own hand-drawn doodles to keep him up to date.

Reason to buy: for paying homage to one of pop-punk's greatest drummer's

Best Funko Pop! Rocks figures for music fans: Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

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11. Kurt Cobain Nirvana Funko Pop! Rocks

We'll never know what the anti-celebrity leader of Nirvana would have made of being immortalised as a pop toy, but that doesn't stop the Funko Pop! Rocks Kurt Cobain being a cool edition to your collection. There's also a Kurt Cobain MTV Unplugged figure, with Kurt in his cardigan and playing an acoustic guitar. 

Reason to buy: because you own every other bit of Nirvana merch