Barcelona's avant-metallers Foscor reveal an eerie new video

Foscor 2015 press photo

Having already laid down a marker point with 2014’s, Those Horrors Wither, an album that uprooted them from black metal past for exploratory pastures beyond, Barcelona’s Foscor have reached 15th anniversary and are commemorating it with an eerie and engrossing video for the album’s title track.

Shot in jitters-inducing time-lapse, and in the kind of forest that would give the Blair Witch pause, Those Horrors Wither was conceived as a cinematic exploration of primal fears, its enigmatic female protagonist undergoing numerous trials that take in ceremonial rites, dragging her way through the undergrowth, split-second transformations into evil spirits and embraces from ghostly emanations, all unfurling in elusive, dreamlike logic.

“The time-lapse technique allows us through visual metaphors to reach a state of active drowsiness,” say the band themselves. “It’s a sensory trance that takes as long as one’s life, and it is summarized in what an instant affects every individual. These stages are precisely dealt with during the seven songs on the album through love, addiction, control, the passing of time, the fear of the unknown. And here they are found to form this visual poem which is connected to the album’s title song.”

So if you’re looking for easy answers, look away now. For the more intrepid, Those Horrors Wither, is a symbolic journey into the recesses of the psyche.

Foscor play at London’s Incineration Festival on Monday May 8.

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Jonathan Selzer

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