Zappa’s Sheik Yerbouti set for vinyl reissue


Frank Zappa’s 1979 double album Sheik Yerbouti has been remastered and is set to be reissued on December 11.

It’s the latest release in Zappa’s back catalogue, made possible thanks to a licensing agreement between the late musician’s family and Universal Music Enterprises.

Sheik Yerbouti will be pressed on double heavyweight 180g vinyl and follows the releases of One Size Fits All and concert film Roxy: The Movie.

A total of 16 Zappa albums were recently made available on digital formats. His widow Gail died last month.

Sheik Yerbouti tracklist

Side One

  1. I Have Been In You
  2. Flakes
  3. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
  4. I’m So Cute

Side Two

  1. Jones Crusher
  2. What Ever Happened To All the Fun In The World
  3. Rat Tomago
  4. We’ve Got To Get Into Something Real
  5. Bobby Brown
  6. Rubber Shirt
  7. The Sheik Yerbouti Tango

Side Three

  1. Baby Snakes
  2. Tryin’ To Grow a Chin
  3. City Of Tiny Lites
  4. Dancin’ Fool
  5. Jewish Princess

Side Four

  1. Wild Love
  2. Yo’ Mama