Wire share video of Stepping Off Too Quick for first time ever

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Post-rock legends Wire have shared a video for the song Stepping Off Too Quick, for the very first time, which you can watch below.

It comes as the quartet have announced that they will release an official version of the bootleg Not About To Die, through their own pinkflag label on June 24.

Originally released at some point in the early 80s the bootleg was made up of selections from demos recorded by the group for their second and third albums: Chairs Missing and 154. These demos had been recorded for EMI, with cassette copies circulated amongst record company employees. However, they were never intended for release.

"The LP version was initially a Record Store Day release and we do like to support independent record shops," explains Wire guitarist and vocalist Colin Newman if the new official release. "We also appreciate that RSD does not cover all retail, not everyone wants to consume the music on vinyl and that indeed not everyone can get to a record shop. So this release is for everyone else!"

The new release acts as a fascinating snapshot of the band from the late 70s including numerous tracks that were destined to be omitted from Wire's later studio albums, properly mastered tracks have never been available on vinyl before.


(Image credit: pinkflag)

Wire: Not About To Die
1. Oh No Not So (Save The Bullet) – 4th demo
2. Culture Vultures – 4th demo
3. It’s The Motive – 4th demo
4. Love Ain’t Polite – 4th demo
5. French Film (Blurred) – 4th demo
6. Underwater Experiences – 4th demo
7. Stalemate – 4th demo
8. Options R – 5th demo
9. Indirect Enquiries v1 – 5th demo
10. Chairs Missing (Use To) – 5th demo
11. Being Sucked In Again – 5th demo
12. Ignorance No Plea (I Should Have Known Better) – 6th demo
13. Once Is Enough – 6th demo
14. The Other Window – 6th demo
15. Stepping Off Too Quick (Not About To Die) – 6th demo
16. On Returning – 6th demo
17. Former Airline – 6th demo
18. Two People In A Room – 6th demo

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