Watch Twelve Foot Ninja’s surreal video for Over And Out

Twelve Foot Ninja group shot against a purple backdrop
(Image credit: Press)

Twelve Foot Ninja have released Over And Out with guest vocals from Jinjer’s Tatiana Shmayluk. It’s the third single from the upcoming album Vengeance – out October 15 – and the surreal clip was shot in Finland, Ukraine, and Australia with three separate teams. 

When asked to summarise the video, guitarist Stevic MacKay said: “A man covered in cow s**t wanders the Australian bush seeking clarity. Tortured by recurring dreams about having no face, meeting the ferryman in a Finnish swamp, old twitchy people with straw heads, vacuuming the forest, cradling a pike and squash playing goat people who spoil Christmas and drink everyone’s dregs…The only obvious thing to do is find a door Goblin to suck “dream gravy” [Vegemite, an Australian spread made from yeast extract] off his fingers so he can teleport to a Ukrainian mechanical genie to blow his mind with Australian metaphors about being f**ked in the head.”

Tatiana Shmayluk says, “When the Twelve Foot Ninja guys asked me to feature on one of their new tracks, I immediately said yes without even hearing it! The song and video were a lot of fun and very different from anything I’ve done with Jinjer … it’s a great pleasure to be an honorary member of the Ninja clan now!”

Lead singer Kin explains the lyrics, “The song is an ode to the complicated relationship we have with our own mortality and how death can seem like the arms of a lover beckoning us to an early demise. The French first coined the phrase l'appel du vide which is the feeling of wondering what it would be like to jump in front of a truck or to jump off a cliff. It translates into English as the ‘call of the void’. The phenomenon is actually a positive affirmation that by not answering the call you unequivocally choose life.”

Alongside their album, Twelve Foot Ninja will also release a high-fantasy novel, The Wyvern And The Wolf, that’s been several years in the making. They’ll tour Europe and the UK in early 2022.