Watch the most brutal metal breakdown ever

A still from the video
A still from the video

A video showing two musicians recording the “most brutal breakdown ever” has been released.

The funny clip features guitarist Rob Scallon and vocalist Dave Brown putting the finishing touches to their new record. They experiment with different tempos and lyrical themes to get the perfect sound.

Brown assures Scallon: “Trust me, it’s gonna get the crowd moving. It’s gonna be the most brutal breakdown you’ve ever heard in your life,” before adding: “It’s time to get rowdy!”

When Scallon encourages Brown to make himself angrier, Brown recalls the 20-page form he had to fill out and the long queue he had to wait in to renew his driver’s license.

By the time they’ve tracked the final section of the last song, they’ve slowed the beats from 170 beats per minute to one beat-per-week, overlaid with the sound of a draining kitchen sink for “guttural” effect.

Watch the video below.

Scallon is the man behind the cover of Slayer’s Payback on ukulele, Metallica’s Master Of Puppets and Slayer’s Raining Blood on banjo – and a metal take on composer Bach’s Badinerie. He even features on a skydive metal screaming session.

Jokes aside, the guitarist announced last week that he has recorded a full-length album. Further release details will be given in due course.

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