Listen to Wakrat debut album in full


Rage Against The Machine offshoot Wakrat have streamed their self-titled debut album in full.

The band is led by RATM and Prophets Of Rage bassist Tim Commerford, and completed by drummer Mathias Wakrat and guitarist-vocalist Laurent Grangeon. Hear all nine tracks of their record below.

Commerford recently said the trio’s aim was to “be on the offensive” and added: “We’ve put in a shitload of blood, sweat and tears into this – and we want it back. Our mission is to attack modern music. Unapologetic, unrelenting, unbridled and uncensored. Understood?”

Later he said: “We’re not making music for anyone else – we’re making music for ourselves. We’re three human beings and we’ve all got difference types of influences that run through us.

“Right now when I turn on the radio, I’m hearing the grid, and I’m sick of the grid. That’s what I want to do: smash the grid.”

Wakrat is released on November 11 (Friday) via Earache and it’s available for pre-order now.

Wakrat tracklist

  1. Sober Addiction
  2. The Number
  3. Generation Fucked
  4. Nail In The Snail
  5. La Liberté ou la Mort
  6. The Thing
  7. Knucklehead
  8. New Clear
  9. Pigs in a Blanket

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