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How to metal scream while jumping out of a plane


It’s something we’ve all wondered from time to time: how do you get the perfect metal scream? Is it from the gut or the throat? Does it require intense breathing exercises? Do you need to lager yourself up beforehand? Or is it actually down to the environment you record in?

Judging by the video below from metal YouTube extraordinaire Rob Scallon (featuring Jory Caron), it turns out that the ideal scenario to capture that 1010, bone-shaking scream is by plummeting to the ground after jumping out of a plane. Yup. Sod your Sound Citys and your Abbey Roads, all you need is air… a lot of air rushing past your face as you unleash all manner of grunts, growls and expletives on your vertical journey.

Are you in a band? Can you shriek and bellow with the best of them? Tell us how you’ve harnessed the power of the metal scream below!

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