Watch Superjoint perform The Alcoholik live

Superjoint's Phil Anselmo
Superjoint's Phil Anselmo
(Image: © Getty)

Superjoint have released a video showcasing their track The Alcoholik.

The song featured on Superjoint Ritual’s 2002 debut album Use Once And Destroy with the new video filmed in New Orleans in 2017 by Mike Holderbeast, Carolyn Babauta, Ed Holub, John Deal and Steven W Richardson.

It follows live footage of their track Fuck Your Enemy, which was released earlier this month in 4K.

Frontman Phil Anselmo reactivated the band in 2014 under the Superjoint banner after years insisting it would never happen after they split in 2004.

Announcing their return, he said: “If people want to hear Superjoint jam a badass set, then we’re all for giving the people what they want.”

Superjoint released their latest album Caught Up In The Gears Of Application in 2016.

Anselmo explains Superjoint return