Watch Måneskin have the most rock'n'roll handbag fight ever in Supermodel video

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Fast-rising stars Måneskin have shared the video for their recently-released new single Supermodel.

The video, which captures the band suited and booted in their characteristically glamorous, heavily-sequined threads styled by Gucci, was filmed in London and directed by Bedroom projects (The 1975) and Ben Chappell (Arctic Monkeys, Nine Inch Nails).

Supermodel follows the Italian Eurovision winners as they try to hunt down bassist Victoria De Angelis' handbag, which was stolen by a devilishly sneaky woman at a party who picks from the belongings of the very hungover guests.

Inspired by classic elements of films directed by Tarantino and Hitchcock, the band playfully star in their own mini movie while a series of seemingly over-dramatic events unfold – to be fair though, the handbag thief does die at the end after getting hit by a car. 

Of the video, Måneskin say, “We wanted to pay tribute to our favourite ‘90s movies in the Supermodel music video. 

"We tried to capture a cinematic vibe about an enigmatic character in the track and we wanted the visual to reflect that. After we came up with the idea, we worked closely with the directors and Ben to recreate frame shots and sequences from our favourite 90s films. We had so much fun filming it in London, playing funny scenes that reminded us of a detective B-movie."

While Bedroom comments, “The Måneskin video was a project that was inspired by the references of a mixture of 90s films like Run Lola Run, Reservoir Dogs, as well as, Hitchcock and a bit of 1950s Hollywood. The macguffin of the mysterious purse was something out of Marnie or Pulp Fiction. Shot on Super 16.

“This video came about after a week of sitting around the pool in LA with the band thumbing through '90s Vogue magazines and talking about our favourite 90s movies. We tried to sneak in as many small references as we could throughout the video,” Ben Chappell adds. 

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track itself, the band explain, "We wrote Supermodel after spending the best few months in LA. At times we were surprised yet intrigued to find how people cared so much about the idea of “celebrity” and status, obsessing over their looks and connections. 

“We started to imagine an enigmatic Supermodel character. She is really cool, fun and social, yet in reality she is troubled, hiding sadness and addiction. In a way you love her, because she knows how to have a good time, but you also want to avoid her, because she might get you into trouble."

In other news, Måneskin is scheduled to kick off their Loud Kids Tour across the globe on October 31. The trek will expand into 2023, and will see the band playing iconic venues including London’s O2 Arena.

Watch the video below:

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