Watch Jordan Rudess take on Opal Ocean in playoff video for Polycephaly

Opal Ocean duo shot 2021
(Image credit: Press)

Jordan Rudess has taken part in an epic video playoff on Opal Ocean’s Polycephaly. The instrumental track appears on the Aussie duo’s second album, The  Hadal Zone, and it was written as a tribute to Dream Theater.

The group's Alex Champ and Nadav Tabak describe their current album as: “One of the most daring acoustic guitar albums ever made”. With this set of recordings, they take the listener on an expedition to the depths of their minds and souls. This album is a journey towards the alien depths of The Hadal Zone."

Dream Theater's keyboard virtuoso Rudess came onboard when he responded to an Instagram request made by Opal Ocean to appear on the album. The video for Polycephaly – one of the most-streamed tracks on the album – was filmed in Melbourne’s iconic Forum Theater and Jordan was spliced throughout the video, rocking out in the comfort of his home studio. The clip also features footage of Jordan playing the face melting solo live onstage at one of Dream Theater’s sound checks during their last European Tour.

Champ and Tabak say they "feel pretty honoured to have one of our idols immortalised on a song with us."

Watch the playful video for the mind-melting track below!