Watch bagpipes star play metal Walking Dead theme

A still from the video
A still from the video

A video of bagpipes star The Snake Charmer performing a metal version of the Walking Dead theme tune has been released.

Indian musician Archy Jay works once again with producer Karan Katiyar, who was at the helm of her Lamb Of God medley and her dubstep version of AC/DC track Thunderstruck.

Jay tells TeamRock: “I have recently started watching this TV Series. I noticed that the female characters are really badass. Even though the original theme music does justice to the horror aspect of this show, I felt there was no soundtrack that complemented the complex action sequences and downright badassery of characters like Michonne, Carol and Maggie.

“Karan and I made a sudden plan to do this on Halloween, and we were able to pull off producing, recording, mixing, shooting and editing this video within three days.”

Watch the video below.

Archy fell in love with the bagpipes when she saw a pipe band performing on TV and taught herself to play using a book. She later travelled to Scotland for a training course to help her progress.

She has also previously covered the theme tune for HBO TV series Game Of Thrones and Mel Gibson’s 1995 film Braveheart. Find out more on her Facebook page.

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