Tiger Moth Tales To Release New Album On November 20


Tiger Moth Tales will release their third album, The Depths Of Winter, through White Knight on November 20. It will feature a guest appearance from guitarist Luke Machin of Maschine.

The Depths of Winter is an album based on wintery concepts, and stories which take place in the winter season,” explains main man Jones. “There are a number of different themes explored on this album, including winter folk tales and characters such as the Ojibwe wind spirit, Biboon, the Viking legends of Baldr, Loki and Frigga, and the death of English folklore hero, Robin Hood.”

This new outing sees Tiger Moth Tales taking on a somewhat more mature sound, tackling some darker but less personal themes that are predominantly based on wintery concepts, and stories that take place in the winter season.

“As always in my prog stuff, I think there is a need for both ends of the emotional spectrum.” Jones continues. “I have possibly not been as quirky with this album, focusing more on serious subject matter but there are some jokey or lighter elements, so I hope there is something for everybody.”

Jones was most recently seen performing with Francis Dunnery and Rachel Flowers at Progstock in the USA and of course played keyboards for Camel on their most recent tour. Tiger Moth Tales will be announcing UK tour dates shortly.