There's now a new emoji that's perfect for metalheads

Metalhead and emojis
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You might not think iPhone emojis are important, but over the last few years, they've become a vital part of the modern landscape. Perfect for cryptic texts or embellishing funny messages, now there's even an emoji that's perfect for metalheads.

Serving as one of the 37 new emojis to be added to iPhone users' keyboards, the new additions will become available as soon as devices are updated to IOS 15.4. Once updated, metallers can finally describe their favourite gnarly riffs with added clarity, by using the new face-melting emoji.

Now, when listening to a band with a pummelling, drop-tuned riff or lethal guttural screams, instead of dishing out the usual commentary such as "it slaps", "that's gnarly" or "that's hard AF", you can simply post a face that has been melted into the floor. Because isn't that how heavy metal makes us all feel?

On top of the face-melter, there will also be new emojis formed of beans, a disco ball, a saluting smiley, a jar, a troll, coral, a crutch, bubbles, an ID card and more. 

All we need now is a mosh-pit emoji, and maybe one for Slash, so he doesn't need to constantly type out iiii]; ) whenever he posts on social media. David Bowie was given his own range five years ago, so maybe it's time for more of a rock'n'roll-based variety.

Check it out below:


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