Selfless Orchestra release video for Time Is A Flower

The Selfless Orchestra
(Image credit: The Selfless Orchestra)

Australian post-rock collective Selfless Orchestra have released a new video for Time Is A Flower. The song is taken from the band's  debut album Great Barrier, which was released last week.

The new video came about when founding member Steven Alyian was asked to create a visual artwork that highlighted environmental initiatives around his community of Perth, Australia.

Using the lead single from the Selfless Orchestra album as a soundtrack, he took the band to many vast corners of their state, connecting with community groups, activists and environmental scientists to create a video that weaves together the different musical styles of the group with locations including remote Beaches, dense natural Forests, the rich Wheatbelt and the biodiverse Wetlands - all areas where environmental destruction was stopped and balance was restored - bringing attention to the efforts of other selfless humans who stood up to defend the rich natural habitat that was close to their hearts.

For each location, Steven, the orchestra and cinematographer Ben Berkhout met the vigilant members of these communities and bought the Orchestra's song with them, taking each member and dwarfing them against the incredible scope of these landscapes, yet empowering their performance, encapsulated with these breathtaking vistas.

Formed in 2018, Selfless Orchestra was a collaborative emergence of musicians from the creative community of Perth, Australia, born with the manifesto of creating spaces in which hope and despair co-exist, where audiences can be educated and inspired about issues of social and environmental justice through poetical musical performance.

Influenced by post-rock acts that fuse classical and contemporary styles, founding members Steven Alyian (Injured Ninja, Usurper of Modern Medicine, Doublethink Prism), Ray Grenfell (Last Quokka), Madeline Antoine and Jerome Turle (The Weapon Is Sound) quickly recruited musicians and artists to the ensemble, which combined live video projections with the music in a lineup that would evolve with every performance, donating proceeds of their gigs towards community causes.

Get Great Barrier.

Jerry Ewing

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