The Atomic Beau Project unleash video for powerful new single Ghosts

The Atomic Beau Project
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Brisbane-based heavy prog rockers The Atomic Beau Project have shared their video for their brand new single Ghosts, which you can watch below. The track is the first single off an upcoming four-track EP.

The powerful new single takes a look at the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, in which the monsters inside a persons mind are brought to life, leading them to question reality from illusion. In Ghosts the protagonist of the story on finds herself struggling to discern what's real and what's not. 

“I remember it happened to me a couple of times when I was younger," explains singer Emma Beau. "I woke up to this black looking entity floating above me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, there was just this dark figure with two white eyes staring down at me. I thought I was either being haunted or going crazy! I ended up doing a bit of research, and people have been reporting this experience for hundreds of years.

"Scientists think it happens when you get stuck between being in a dream and being awake. However, the creepiest part is, so many people report seeing the same dark entity when it happens, which totally creeps me out! Ultimately, that’s what this song is about, it’s about trying to discern reality from fiction. Is sleep paralysis simply something that can be explained psychologically, or is there actually some dark entity stalking us in the night!”

Ghosts was produced and mixed in house by drummer Andy James and was mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Diamond Construct, Void Of Vision).

The artwork for Ghosts, which you can see below, represents was painted in the 1700s, and displays an early depiction of sleep paralysis.

The Atomic Beau Project will be playing at Australia's Bigsound festival in September.

The Atomic Beau Project

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