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That Joe Payne shares lyric video for new single End Of The Tunnel

That Joe Payne

That Joe Payne has released a lyric video for his new single End Of The Tunnel exclusively with Prog.

He’s decided to launch the track to mark the first anniversary of the release of his solo debut I Need A Change.

End Of The Tunnel was co-produced with Payne’s ex-Enid band member Max Read, whose choir-like vocals appear on the track.

The release comes just two weeks before Payne’s mini-tour with Doris Brendel, with End Of The Tunnel set to feature on his debut solo album which is expected to launch later this year.

Payne says: “I’m so proud of this record. It’s all about providing comfort to others in their time of need. To bring this out a year on from I Need A Change just feels so poignant because in that time I’ve personally transformed from someone crippled by self-doubt into someone with tons of confidence and positivity. 

“So, it’s important to me that I can now spread a hopeful message. When people tell me that my music has helped them cope or overcome something in their lives, it’s the most amazing gift. 

End Of The Tunnel is like a pure hug. It’s saying, ‘You can talk to me about anything.’

Payne adds: “Fingers crossed people get the sentiment behind this. I really believe that the best thing we can do for each other is talk more and listen in equal measure.” 

Payne will also play an acoustic set at the Marillion Weekend at Port Zelande, Netherlands, on March 23. 

Following that, he’ll perform at the Winter’s End Festival on April 7 alongside Hayley Griffiths as the guest vocalists for Zio – a new project founded by ex-Karnataka drummer Jimmy Pallagrosi.