Teramaze announce third album in 12 months!

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Australian prog rockers Teramaze have announced they will release their latest album, And The Beauty They Perceive, through Wells Music on October 5.

Amazingly, it will be the third Teramaze album to be released within the last 12 months and the band's ninth album overall. The band released I Wonder in October 2020 and followed it up with the heavily conceptual Sorrella Minore in May of this year.

After the conceptual nature of Sorella Minore,  the band have changed tack again, having nine stand alone songs, that weren’t necessarily tied together by one story or theme.

"We had just come off writing Sorella, and were absolutely drained from the undertaking of composing a 25 minute song," says guitarist Chris Zoupa. "In order to do that album justice you kind of have to commit to lyrical themes and melodic motifs. When writing And The Beauty They Perceive, we wanted the album to be nine killer tracks that combined all the elements of technicality, emotion, orchestration and catchiness that can be found across every Teram,aze album through the years. I think we comfortably achieved that, and all Teramaze fans are really going to dig this album!"

You can view the artwork and tracklisting for And The Beauty They Perceive below.


(Image credit: Wells Music)

Teramaze: And The Beauty They Perceive
1. And The Beauty They Perceive
2. Jackie Seth
3. Untide
4. Modern Living Space
5. Blood Of Fools
6. Waves
7. Son Rise
8. Search For The Unimaginable
9. Head Of The King

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