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Sturle Dagsland unveils amazing video for Yokai

Sturle Dagsland

Norwegian avant-garde outfit Sturle Dagsland have released their new video for Yokai, which you can watch below.

The video is a collaboration between the Norwegiabn bothers Sturle and Sjur Dagsland and Eirik Heggen, the award-winning Norwegian award-winning animator, visual artist and filmmaker.

"Yokai was created during one of our recording sessions last year," Sturle Dagsland told Prog. "We have been recording music at a lot of auditive unique locations such as Soviet Marine ships in Eastern-Europe, high mountain tops in Norway, and a lighthouse in the North-sea. We also spent some time recording and dogsledding in the outbacks of Greenland."

The video for Yokia recently won best music video at the Ca'foscari Short Film Festival in Venice. 

" Eirik's work explores worlds of boundless imagination, fairytales and dark fantasies which perfectly compliments the expressive, dynamic and adventurous sound of Yokai. This made him a perfect collaborator for us," adds Dagsland.