Steve Hackett releases rehearsal video clip ahead of tour

(Image credit: Mimmo Lamacchia/NurPhoto - Getty)

Steve  Hackett has released video footage of his band's final rehearsal ahead of his lengthy Selling England By The Pound/Spectral Mornings tour which starts in Belgium this evening. You can watch the clip below.

In a social media post to fans, Hackett said: "Happy Easter! The huge tour is about to begin! Check out this video including rehearsal footage... Warmest wishes to all, Steve."

Hackett will be touring the 1973 Genesis album Selling England By The Pound in its entirety, along with his own 1979 solo album Spectral Mornings on the current tour, which sees him and his band set off around Europe for the next few months before heading to North America in September and October before hitting UK shores in November.

The current tour also welcomes new drummer Craig Blundell, who replaces Gary O'Toole who left earlier this year.