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Solo take us on a psych trip with video for Don't Shoot The Piano Player

(Image credit: Solo)

Solo, the artist known to his parents as Giuseppe Galato, has released a new video for his new track Don't Shoot The Piano Player (It's All In Your Head), which you can watch below.

After the krautrock style experimentation of previous single Stati Emozionali, Solo's latest song takes its cue from the Beatles and early Pink Floyd's psychedelic rock.

"I’ve always been a fan of 60’s psychedelia: those out of the box sounds and atmospheres have fascinated me since forever," says Solo. "It’s only natural for me to write a song drawing inspiration from those textures, rolling out to the “psychedelia factor” by adding spatialisation of binaural kind, in such a way that the sounds wouldn’t just go right to left (and vice versa), but totally wrap the listener.

"While writing Don't Shoot The Piano Player (It's All In Your Head) I was thinking about Their Satanic Majesties Request by Rolling Stones, album that I loved and I wore out, in my teens: for me the highest point of their career, no matter what their detractors might say. Little by little, I managed to include ever more psychedelic elements which have, later on, driven the work towards a direction closer to the sonic frenzy in Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles."

Solo plans three more single releases this year with a full album to be released early in 2022.

Get Don't Shoot The Piano Player.

Jerry Ewing

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