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Sel Balamir releases new video for nine-minute Seagull

Sel Balamir June 2021 portrait against a sky
(Image credit: Sel Balamir)

Amplifier frontman Sel Balamir has released a new animated video for Seagull, the nine-minute closing track from his recently released debut solo album Swell, which you can watch below.

"In my solo album Swell I tried to combine my twin loves of windsurfing and rock music," Balamir tells Prog. "Often when I am sailing out on the ocean the Seagulls will fly down low and fly alongside me.  It's a very moving experience. I tried to evoke what it feels like in the song Seagull."

Seagull also features on the cover disc with the current issue of Prog Magazine, which you can buy here.

"Wherever I’ve lived, I think I’ve always been thinking, I’m just passing through here,:" Balamir continues. "Now I have settled just 30 metres from the sea, I know this is home.

“Every part of the ocean is different every day. There’s a strange magnetism about it. There’s nothing crowding your thoughts. It provides opportunity for you to look into the horizon, a huge expanse of space for you to develop your ideas...”

Swell is available now through Balamir's Rockosmos label.

Get Swell.

Jerry Ewing

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