Rob Reed reveals video for Willow's Song


Rob Reed has released a video for his version of Willow’s Song from the soundtrack of cult horror movie The Wicker Man.

It’s taken from the Magenta mastermind’s solo EP, also called Willow’s Song, which is launched on December 1. It features vocals by Angharad Brinn, who also appeared on Reed’s Kompendium album Beneath The Waves.

The piece was originally to be part of Reed’s Tubular Bells tribute Sanctuary. Reed tells Prog: “The plan was to have two long tracks and a short song at the end. But when I finished the album the short song just didn’t fit. I was worried that the album would be a little short without it, but I confided in producer Tom Newman and he told me not to worry – to think of it musically and in no other way.”

He says of the video: “We rented a haunted house in Wales and dressed up my children in pagan masks. It really was a disturbing experience. But it looked amazing.”

A limited run of CDs will be available via Reed’s website while downloads will be offered via his Bandcamp page.

Willow’s Song EP tracklist

  1. Willow’s Song

  2. Scarborough Fair

  3. Gavotte

  4. First Contact

  5. Sanctuary Piano Demo 1

  6. Sanctuary Piano Demo 2

  7. Sanctuary Piano Demo 3

  8. Pirate Section Remix

  9. Ommakache Remix

  10. Scarborough Fair (Instrumental)

11.Willow’s Song (Extended Version)