This YouTuber covered Red Hot Chili Peppers in the style of Disturbed and it’s shockingly not terrible

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(Image credit: Anthony Vincent/YouTube)

YouTuber Anthony Vincent has covered Red Hot Chili Peppers hit Dani California in the style of Disturbed.

The New York-based musician, already well known for covering songs so that they resemble other artists, uploaded the rendition to his YouTube channel on Tuesday (August 29).

In the video, Vincent replaces the funk rock vocals of Chilis singer Anthony Kiedis with the harder nu metal snarling of David Draiman. He also makes the music quintessentially Disturbed, recreating the melodies with heavy metal guitar chords and pinch harmonics.

The internet seems floored by how excellently the cover came out. On YouTube, the top comment reads, “just perfect!!!” Others add that Vincent “definitely nailed the Land Of Confusion Disturbed vibe” – referring to the nu metal band’s 2005 take on the classic Genesis song – and ask, “How did you even come up with this idea? This is amazing!”

The video is far from the first of its kind from Vincent. The YouTuber has almost 3.5 million subscribers at time of publication, with his most popular videos being a cover of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse in the style of 20 different artists (24 millions views), a similar take on Linkin Park’s In The End (23 million), and Eminem’s Rap God being performed in 40 different ways (18 million).

Disturbed are currently touring in support of their November 2022 album, Divisive. During a performance in Houston, Texas, on July 27, the band were performing their 2008 song Inside The Fire and set the sprinklers off inside the venue. “Our #TakeBackYourLifeTour was too hot to handle in Houston,” Disturbed commented on social media. “Let’s hear it for the sprinkler system.”

Disturbed singer David Draiman has also recently expressed interest in a collaboration with pop megastar Taylor Swift. “I think she is insanely talented,” he told Philadelphia’s WMMR radio station earlier this month (transcribed by Blabbermouth). “I’d love to collaborate with Taylor if she ever wanted to, on any given day.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers released their latest album, Return Of The Dream Canteen, in October 2022 and start a tour of the Americas next month.

Watch Vincent’s Disturbified take on Dani California below:

Matt Mills
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