“Laid To Rest is 20 years old!” This new comedy sketch about ‘modern metal classics’ will make you feel old, guaranteed!

The logos for Trivium, Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine and Mastodon, next to a worried-looking metalhead
(Image credit: Raised By Owls via YouTube)

UK comedy grindcore troupe Raised By Owls have uploaded a new sketch to YouTube and social media parodying the concept of the ‘modern metal classic’.

The short skit, embedded below, features the Derbyshire quintet’s vocalist Sam Fowler asking bassist Toby Cope to pick a modern metal classic. When Cope answers with Lamb Of God’s Laid To Rest, Fowler points out that the song is now 20 years old, sending his bandmate (understandably) spiralling into an existential crisis.

Raised By Owls formed in 2016 and have thus far released two studio albums: The Great British Grind Off (2016) and Dreadful (2019).

The band are currently gearing up to release their third record, Vol 3: The Satirical Verses, on April 26. They released the album’s lead single, I’m Sorry I Wore A Dying Fetus T-Shirt To Your Baby’s Gender Reveal Party, on February 2. The album is now available to preorder.

Raised By Owls are also set to tour the UK with Red Method in May. Dates are below and tickets are now available.

The Raised By Owls sketch comes at an appropriate time, as four of the biggest names in 2000s metal have recently announced co-headline tours to celebrate the 20th anniversaries of seminal albums.

On February 6, Lamb Of God and Mastodon announced the Ashes Of Leviathan tour, where they will respectively play 2004’s Ashes Of The Wake (including Laid To Rest) and Leviathan in full.

Then, on February 22, Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium revealed the Poisoned Ascendancy world tour for 2025, where their respective The Poison and Ascendancy albums will also be performed in their entirety.

Trivium singer/guitarist Matt Heafy commented: “Bullet For My Valentine’s The Poison and Trivium’s Ascendancy are two records whose influence can be heard to this day – in the DNA of modern metal.

“It’s incredible to think of the impact the albums had when they came out in 2005. They were both like bolts of lightning. Both bands grew up independently of each other in different countries and separately from any movement or scene but both shared a common love of melodic heavy metal at the core; and both had similar meteoric rises right out of the gate.”

Raised By Owls 2024 UK tour:

May 24: Nottingham Rock City Beta
May 25: Manchester Star And Garter
May 26: London 229

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