Queen consider recording new material with Adam Lambert

A picture of Queen singer Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert
(Image: © Getty)

Queen drummer Roger Taylor says the band would consider recording new material with singer Adam Lambert.

Former American Idol contestant Lambert has been performing and touring with Taylor and guitarist Brian May since he first appeared with the band on the TV talent show in 2009.

Asked whether he has any interest in a Led Zeppelin-style remasters series, Taylor says he’d rather put out new Queen music.

He tells Planet Rock: “If we do anything in the future, I’d like it to be something new. I don’t know how new it would sound, but I think if Brian and I could come up with a song or two which we felt fitted, It’s quite possible.

“We’re really enjoying it. We’ve just come back from the Far East, which was phenomenal. It’s great to know that there’s still a demand, and we do love playing with Adam Lambert, who is an incredible singer and a lovely man.”

While Queen and Lambert have repeatedly said late frontman Freddie Mercury was one of a kind and irreplaceable, in 2014, May said he felt like Lambert had “woken up” the band.

He added: “It’s a great place to be. I feel so fortunate to be going out there. I never thought it would happen again. When Freddie went, I thought ‘That’s it. We did that. It was a great life. Now, it’s time to have a different life.’

“And for years, we didn’t try to be Queen in any way. I would look at the Forum in LA, and I would look at Madison Square Garden, and I would think ‘Those were the days.’

“To come back now, all of these years later, and to fill those places and to hear that noise. That’s vindication for the fact that we should be playing, we should be out there. I feel overcome with it, really.”

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