Periphery issue Juggerdoc clip


Periphery have launched a trailer for the documentary covering the making of Juggernaut, their upcoming double-release.

Entitled Juggerdoc, the movie will be bundled with Juggernaut: Omega, the follow-up to Juggernaut: Alpha, which launch simultaneously on January 26 via Century Media Records.

Bassist and producer Adam Getgood tells Kerrang: “The creation of Juggernaut was a long and involved process for all of us, so having a crew on hand to document it was a real pleasure. It’s amazing to look back on the way things went down – listeners will really enjoy scenes of the recording.”

Last week Periphery released their track Alpha following the launch of Bad Thing, The Scourge, Graveless and 22 Faces.

UK tour dates

Mar 29: Bristol O2 Academy (with Devin Townsend)

Mar 30: Glasgow O2 ABC (with Devin Townsend)

Mar 31: Manchester Academy (with Devin Townsend)

Apr 01: London O2 Academy Islington (headline show)

Juggernaut: Alpha tracklist

  1. A Black Minute 2. MK Ultra 3. Heavy Heart 4. The Event 5. The Scourge 6. Alpha 7. 22 faces 8. Rainbow Gravity 9. Four Lights 10. Psychosphere

Juggernaut: Omega tracklist

  1. Reprise 2. The Bad Thing 3. Priestess 4. Graveless 5. Hell Below 6. Omega 7. Stranger Things