New ByNorse signing Sowulo releases video for Wyrd Webba

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ByNorse signing Sowulo have released a video for his brand new single, Wyrd Webba, which you can watch below.

It's the opening track from Sowulo's upcoming album Wurdiz, which will be released through ByNorse on September 9

Sowulo was formed by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Faber Horbach. Wurdiz is the proto-germanic word for destiny, is all about the dance between fate and free will 

''Life, or our reality, can be seen as an unfolding tapestry formed by all kinds of different threads that interact with each other," explains Horbach. All the threads are interlinked, holding each other in place. The unfolding reality which takes form in 'the loom of life' is based on the interplay between your agency and your fate. Are you aware which thread you are in the bigger picture? Are you able to co-create your reality with fate? To recognise your own fate is the first step in consciously embracing your destiny, and so you will become who you truly are.”  

Wurdiz will be available as CD digipack trifold with a 16-pages booklet, regular black, and limited grey 2x12’’ vinyl in gatefold sleeve featuring printed inner sleeves and etched D-side, and digital.

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(Image credit: ByNorse)

Sowulo: Wurdiz
1. Wyrd Webba
2. Stearcost ealra
3. Æt wega ġelætan
4. Eaxlgestealla
5. Begalan
6. Mīn bān
7. Ceorfan
8. Sunnanlēoman
9. Ðæs webban cræft
10. Unġewiss
11. Slæp nū sōfte
12. Āwæcnian

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