Megadeth to launch Fatal Illusion


Megadeth will launch Fatal Illusion as the lead track from their 15th album, an Amazon listing has revealed.

The CD single is set for release on October 16 via Universal Japan, and it’s available for pre-order now.

Mainman Dave Mustaine revealed the tracklist in July, after completing recording sessions with new guitarist Kiko Loureiro and guest drummer Chris Adler.

The band’s website is currently running a countdown clock, set to expire on October 2 (Friday) – when full album details could be revealed.

Mustaine recently said: “Over the years we’ve always said, ‘We’re going back to our roots.’ The naysayers just want Rust In Peace 20 times, which is never gonna happen.”

However, he added: “A lot of the things were in that kind of vein. Now, is it going back in time? I don’t know – but I like what I’m hearing.”

Megadeth tour the UK in November with Lamb Of God, meaning Adler will pull double duties.

15th album tracklist

  1. Death From Within
  2. Fatal Illusion
  3. Conquer… Or Die!
  4. Lying In State
  5. Me Hate You
  6. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  7. Dystopia
  8. Bullet To The Brain
  9. Last Dying Wish
  10. Post American World
  11. Look Who’s Talking
  12. The Threat Is Real
  13. Poisonous Shadows
  14. Melt The Ice Away (Budgie cover)
  15. Foreign Policy (Fear cover)