Menza tells Mustaine: ‘Quit ripping me off’


Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza has accused mainman Dave Mustaine of not paying royalties due to him – and demanded: “Quit ripping me off.”

The outburst follows his near-return to the band after the departure of Shawn Drover last year. Menza recently said he abandoned the idea when he was effectively asked to record their 15th album for free.

Menza says via Facebook: “To Dave Mustaine, in regards to my publishing royalties. I find it very unprofessional that you conduct business like a child.

“Quit playing games! Be a man and stop taking food from my kids’ mouths. It’s my earned money, not yours. Quit ripping me off. WTF?”

He adds in a follow-up comment: “I had it with his shit.”

Menza – who’s in the process of forming a band with guitarist Rusty Cooley – left Megadeth in 1998 after a five-album stint. They’re currently recording with Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler and new guitarist Kiko Loureiro.