Martin Grech announces new album Hush Mortal Core

Martin Grech
(Image credit: Martin Grech)

Martin Grech has announced he will release his latest album, Hush Mortal Core, initially through his Patreon page and later via streaming service Spotify.

"Tomorrow I will release Hush Mortal Core to you all," says Grech in an announcement on his Facebook page. "In this strange time it has become obvious that art, although not the cure for our current problems, plays some role by bringing us joy, distraction and at best an opportunity to self reflect.

"I had hoped for a record label supported release, as this could have provided the resources to enable me to payback all the generosity of the people who worked to bring this record to life. Without their time, effort and donated skills this record could not have been made. However, recent events have devastated any real chance of this album seeing a label release for the next year. We all agree, another year is too long."

Hush Mortal Core will be Grech's first solo album since 2007's March Of The Lonely. He came to prominence with his 2002 debut album Open Heart Zoo, whose title track was widely used in a Lexus car TV advert. More recently he collaborated with British prog metallers TesseracT on their 2015 album Polaris.

"Both MP3 and Wav versions will be available for download and include a lyric eBook," Grech continues. "Joining up to my Patreon currently is the best way to support the album. However if your budget can not stretch to Patreon, then two weeks from this release the whole album will be available to stream on Spotify.

"I would really l like to to make a physical version of Hush Mortal Core available. With enough support, the plan is to work toward a self-funded vinyl release.

"Hopefully this news finds you all well. If you know anyone you think would like to know about this release please share this link with them. Thank you so much for all the support over the years. I hope you enjoy the record."

More information can be found at Grech's Patreon page.

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