Marillion get brave with new tour setlist (spoiler alert!)

(Image credit: Anne-Marie Forker)

Marillion kicked off their Light At The End Of The Tunnel tour last night at Hull City Hall. With the band set to release their latest album, An Hour Before It's Dark, early in the New Year, all that we knew prior to the band hitting the stage, was that they'd be airing one new song, Be Hard On Yourself, from the upcoming album.

Now Prog has seen the setlist from last night's show and it's fair to say in contains one or two surprises, as well as representing a fairly even spread of material from Steve Hogarth's 30 plus years with the band, whilst being very different from the sets the band played on the with Friends From The Orchestra tour back in 2019

Fans of 1994's Brave will no doubt be delighted to see no less than three songs from that album, while the band dip back as far as 1989 Seasons End, Hogarth's debut with the band.

Nothing at all from This Strange Engine, Radiation,, Anoraknophobia or Happiness Is The Road, but encores of The Leavers from 2016's FEAR and a surprise rendition of  1983's Garden Party to close the show will have brought a smile to everyone's faces.

Most attention would have been paid to Be Hard On Yourself, footage of which has already appeared on YouTube. A powerfully emotive eight minutes that suggests Hogarth's recent claim that the new album represented  the band's most upbeat sounding music for many years was spot on.

Needless to say, reaction from. the show has been ecstatic, with fan Tim Lawrie stating on Twitter: "Marillion. Fucking awesome. Never seen a band so overjoyed to be back on stage. Wonderful."

Marillion Light At The End Of The Tunnel tour setlist

Sounds That Can't Be Made
You're Gone
The Party
Living With The Big Lie
Be Hard On Yourself
The Release

Encore One
The Leavers 1: Wake Up In Music
The Leavers 2: The Remainers
The Leavers 3: Vapour Trails In The Sky
The Leavers 4: The Jumble Of Days
The Leavers 5: One Tonight

Encore Two
Garden Party