Mansun’s 1998 album Six set for deluxe reissue

(Image credit: Pennie Smith)

Mansun’s 1998 album Six will be reissued as a deluxe package later this year.

It was revealed in 2017 that Kscope had acquired the Paul Draper-led band’s entire back catalogue, with a reissue of their debut Attack Of The Grey Lantern released last year.

The new version of Six will arrive on March 22 on on 180g coloured vinyl, standard vinyl, CD and as a deluxe four-disc book edition.

Six has been fully remastered from the original tapes by Jon Astley , while the standard CD comes with a bonus track of outtakes from the recording sessions. 

The deluxe edition features a disc of outtakes, demos and rarities, along with a disc featuring The Dead Flowers Reject – a fan-generated bootleg album which includes b-sides from the Six era.

It’ll also include a 5.1 surround sound mix, hi-resolution stereo audio, the promotional videos from the record, a 48-page hardback book and notes on the album from Draper.

Vocalist and guitarist Draper was joined in the lineup by guitarist and keyboardist Dominic Chad, bassist Stove King and drummer Andie Rathbone.

Six is now available for pre-order.

Mansun: Six Deluxe Edition

Disc 1: Six remastered
1. SIX
2. Negative
3. Shotgun
4. Inverse Midas
5. Anti Everything
6. Fall Out
7. Serotonin
8. Cancer
9. Witness to a Murder Part 2
10. Television
11. Special/Blown It
12. Legacy
13.Being A Girl

Disc 2: Outtakes, rarities and demos

Disc 3: The Dead Flowers Reject
1. What It’s Like To Be Hated 
3. Been Here Before 
4. When The Wind Blows 
5. Can’t Afford To Die 
6. Church Of The Drive Thru Elvis 
7. I Care 
8. King Of Beauty 
9. But The Trains Run On Time 
10. Check Under The Bed 
11. I Deserve What I Get 
12. Railings

Disc 4: 5.1 surround sound; a hi-resolution stereo audio and all of the album’s original promotional videos