Listen to Legend Of The Seagullmen’s debut album in full

Legend of The Seagullmen

Legend Of The Seagullmen have launched a full stream of their self-titled debut album ahead of its official release later this week.

The band features Tool drummer Danny Carey, Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds, David ‘The Doctor’ Dreyer on vocals, Zappa Meets Zappa bassist Peter Griffin, Chris DiGiovanni on keyboards and film director Jimmy Hayward on guitar.

The supergroup previously released the tracks Shipswreck and The Fogger from the record, which is available to purchase from Friday (February 9).

The band tell Kerrang: “The lore is real…this is the self-titled debut from Legend Of The Seagullmen!

“We are the very men who have been anointed by the Seagullgod King to deliver pure rock fury and save you from the deep dark depths.

“Fifty foot mutant deep sea divers, enraged giant squid and bloodthirsty killer Orcas are on their way and nothing stands between you and a certain briny death but the Seagullmen!

“Bow down and forever bask in the glory of the Seagullgod King!”

Legend Of The Seagullmen is now available for pre-order. View the tracklist and cover art below.

Legend Of The Seagullmen tracklist

  1. We Are The Seagullmen
  2. The Fogger
  3. Shipswreck
  4. Curse Of The Red Tide
  5. Legend Of The Seagullmen
  6. The Orca
  7. Rise Of The Giant
  8. Ballad Of The Deep Sea Diver

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