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Kingcrow lift the lid on Eidos

Kingcrow have made their sixth album Eidos available to stream.

Hear all 10 tracks below or via their label The Laser’s Edge’s Bandcamp page.

It was released this week and forms the final part of the trilogy that began with 2010’s Phlegethon and continued with 2013’s In Crescendo.

Guitarist Diefo Cafolla says he’s proud of their achievements in the studio, although the title track was struggle to create. He tells The Blog Of Much Metal: “I spent a month writing it because it’s quite complex. It has a lot of switches between heavy and melodic.

“It’s probably the hardest song to dig at first because it changes a lot. We haven’t rehearsed it yet but I think it will be a hard song to put down live.”

Kingcrow issued a promo for the track The Moth last month and are expected to announce tour dates in due course.

Eidos tracklist

  1. The Moth 2. Adrift 3. Slow Down 4. Open Sky 5. Fading Out Pt. IV 6. The Deeper Divide 7. On The Barren Ground 8. At The Same Pace 9. Eidos 10. If Only