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Jorja Chalmers releases video for Bring Me Down

Jorja Chalmers
(Image credit: Jorja Chalmers)

Australian multi-instrumentalist and sometime Roxy Music saxophonist Jorja Chalmers has released a video for Bring Me Down, which you can watch below.

The sing is taken from her upcoming album Midnight Train, which will be released through the Italians Do It Better label on May 28.

“It’s about the fragility of the perfect housewife," explains Margate resident Chalmers. "It’s basically about a woman that’s trying to be everything, and is cracking psychologically. It’s got a very haunting melody. There’s something there that’s a little bit beautiful and disturbing about it.

“There can be a healthy separation from using your creativity to make something that is almost like a duplicate of yourself, that you don’t necessarily associate with. If you make something dark, then it’s not necessarily your personality. It can be the opposite sometimes.”

Mixed by Dean Hurley, David Lynch's music engineer, Midnight Train mixes aspects of minimalism sparked by a teenager who spent countless hours memorising Michael Nyman’s seminal film score for The Piano, set against cinematic electronics and swathes of huge, enveloping, classical dynamics.

“Making this album was really freeing,” she adds. “I loved writing this album. I always write in the same way, but I think that lockdown provided me with lesser distractions. Writing is such a personal thing for me - being in your little cave, and creating. That’s the beautiful moment for me.”