John Petrucci launches signature beard products range

John Petrucci
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Despite his undeniable prowess as a guitarist, Dream Theater's John Petrucci, who recently released his latest solo album Terminal Velocity, is quite visibly known as possessing one of the most luxuriant beards in prog. So it was somehow inevitable that he'd end up launching his own range of facial hair products for men.

But, as reported by Guitar World, that's exactly what he's done with a new line of beard and moustache maintenance products developed in collaboration with Captain Fawcett. Petrucci’s new products include Nebula Moustache Wax, Nebula Beard Balm and Nebula Beard Oil.

The oil is available in 10ml and 50ml vials, and the 1,000 purchases of the 50ml iteration includes a Limited Edition Nebula Guitar FLOW guitar pick, designed by Petrucci and Jim Dunlop.

As Petrucci recently detailed to Japan’s Young Guitar magazine, "I, for most of my career, have had some sort of beard. I started out just clean-shaven in the beginning, but even, I guess, from the Awake days, which was pretty early on, I had a beard, I had a goatee. It wasn't until… I don't know how many years now, I've got the full kind of epic beard and moustache style — it's been many years now. But I've always been into that kind of thing — how it influences your look.

“And I just kind of fell into this thing where having a big old-school beard, I thought, looked good on me, and I got really into the lifestyle and the bearding culture — all the products and things like that; beard oils and bums; learning to trim your beard; experimenting with different shapes. It's actually a fun hobby, honestly.”

Regarding beard etiquette, he continued, "The important thing, to me, always is to have a look that it looks like you're doing it on purpose, where there's a style to your beard, even if it's a long beard and moustache, and not something that just looks like you got lazy and decided not to shave.

“So I always try to have some sort of sense of style. I let it grow to varying lengths. It's pretty long right now. Will I let it grow all the way to [my belly button], like a wizard beard? I don't know. Sometimes when it gets that long, it becomes harder to handle. But it's all about, I think, if you're interested in growing a beard like this, it's kind of what goes well with your face shape, as far as the length and the style.”

Petrucci ended, "Anyway, yeah, it's a fun hobby, and I'm keeping it going, as far as I know. I can't picture shaving this for a while."

For more information on the Nebula Signature Series, head to Captain Fawcett.

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