Jerry Cantrell shares video for Prism of Doubt and we honestly don't know what's happening anymore

A scene from Jerry Cantrell's video Prism of Doubt
(Image credit: Jerry Cantrell | YouTube)

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has posted a video for Prism of Doubt, a song taken from his 2021 album Brighten. 

The video, by Robot Chicken writer Zoe Katz, features a society of toys bracing themselves for a "fireball comet" which is on a collision course with Earth, but has already kickstarted a chain of events which has led to suffering on an apocalyptic scale. Imagine the 1984 BBC film Threads, but with the sort of toys you'd find in a charity shop bin.

It cuts to a unshaven, handsome astronaut – basically a Ken doll reimagined by Nickelback – who cracks open a bottle of Jack Daniel's and heads out to work in a last-ditch attempt to save the planet. 

On the astronaut's mission into space, an alien appears from nowhere to zap the hurtling comet and takes him back to their ship where they choose him to save Earth and prevent the "stupid humans" from extinction. It's then suggested that they all have an intergalactic space orgy, to which he willingly obliges.

Long story short, everything gets even weirder before the hero is returned home armed with a special pair of sunglasses. This accessory somehow restores Earth to a blissful playground once more, with Jerry Cantrell performing the song backed by a group of toys at the end of the video.

It's surreal stuff alright, but if a collection of modified toys humping in space sounds like your cup of tea, by all means check out the link below.

Simon Young

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