Jean-Michel Jarre teams up with Nina Kraviz for chilled out remake of Sex In The Machine

Jean-Michel Jarre and Nina Kravitz
(Image credit: Fred Gasi/François Rousseau)

Jean-Michel Jarre has teamed up with Siberian electronic music artist Nina Kraviz to create a new, chilled out version of Sex in the Machine. You can watch a video for Sex In The Machine Take 2 below.

Sex In The Machine originally appeared in Jarre's 2022 album Oxymore, his homage to the late French composer Pierre Henry, with whom Jarre had been intending on collaborating for Jarre’s Grammy-nominated project album Electronica.

"Beyond her style as one of the most influential DJ's today, Nina has a unique way of using her voice which adds a dark poetic colour to her tracks," Jarre says of the collaboration. "She brings her haunted futuristic signature to Sex in the Machine Take 2,  which works so beautifully."

Jarre recently worked with British composer Adiescar Chase on a new take on Synthy Sisters, and has also collaborated with Brian Eno (Epica Extension), Marseille-based Electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist French 79 (Epica Take 2), Depeche Mode's Martin Gore (Brutalism Take 2) and Deathpact (Brutalism Reprise).

Oxmore is out now, available as CD, double vinyl and digital in Stereo, Binaural, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos. The physical product includes a code to access the highest quality Binaural master as intended by Jarre when producing the album. 

Get Oxymore.

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